martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

True friends.

The best sister and friend that everyone wants.
I'm so please and thankfull to God to have a best friend and cousin like her.
This summer I'm living in a flat near the beach with amazing views with her , so this holidays are going to be memorable with Alba and the party clubs near that beautiful apartament!
The beach photos were taking in Jandia (where part of our family lives) ,we get surfboards and we take waves while we are having a really good time. One day a wave take us rolling down the whole beach ...everyone was looking at us ,hahaha we were just laughing. We don't  care what people think or say about us. Just chill , you know? hhahaahha.
We have been together since the day she was born . Yes that's it , I'm the big siter...but most of the times she takes care from me like big sisters do. She helps me and she tries to makes me feel better in the worse moments of my life. 
She picks all my tears and turns them in smiles.
The last photo was our blood pact. Where we cut our hair and fingers to promise each other that we will go together to that amazing festival in Belgium.
And we write:
Together , forever and always.

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